Movie Review: SEED OF CHUCKYRogue Pictures

“I don’t know much about myself. I know I’m an orphan. I know I’m a freak. And, of course, I know that I’m Japanese.”

When it comes to the Child’s Play franchise…yeah, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. My irrational phobia of dolls aside, the further along these movies went, the more enjoyable they became as campy fun psychotic slasher doll flicks. With Bride Of Chucky, things came to its logical conclusion in a way, with more of a post-modern self-referential black comedy horror release. And while they could have stopped there and I would’ve been satisfied, obviously someone felt there needed to be a riff on the “Son Of…” classic movie titles with a franchise that gloriously revels in its own awesome campiness.

Kind of taking off loosely from the end of Bride Of Chucky – and letting the viewer know right off the bat with a silly CGI rendering of little wigglies making their way up the trench to fire the torpedoes into the exhaust port (Star Wars euphemism!) – we find a mysterious living doll that’s haunted by nightmares and is trapped by a scuzzy Brit using it to further his career as a renegade ventriloquist. Seriously. The doll finds itself in an existential quandary, not knowing who the parents are, and fearing heading down a dark path despite wanting to be good and friendly. You can probably see where this is heading. After seeing the now-dormant Chucky and Tiffany on a news report covering a horror movie set, the doll escapes and heads across the pond to meet the long-lost parents. The duo are revived, and of course wackiness ensues.

I enjoyed the earwax out of this movie. By this time, to expect anything besides a fun horror flick with blood, splatter, tons of dark humor and more than a little self-satirical tongue-in-cheek attitude is rather…well, stupid. Yes, it’s a dumb horror flick. But it’s a highly entertaining horror flick as well. It doesn’t take things too seriously. I mean, it’s a couple of homicidal dolls here. “Highbrow” shouldn’t be even close to being expected.

Redman (who, I’m informed, is something called a “rapper” and sometime “actor”) and John freakin’ Waters are glorious kill fodder, and Jennifer Tilly…well, she’s in the movie too. But the angle of Chucky and Tiffany having to come to grips with their offspring who doesn’t want to kill and abhors violence, which leads to great twisted amusement later on in the film. The ending is no big twist, but still a good way to cap off 90 minutes of great twisted mindless fun. And this is probably the last of the original Chucky movies, as there’s a remake of Child’s Play in the works. I say, rent this with Bride Of Chucky, get some friends over, and enjoy yourselves.