DISCIPLE - Back Again
Back Again

After two stellar albums full of thick, grade-A prime groove METAL, Disciple decided to go the independent route instead of releasing ‘Back Again’ on Rugged Records. This may mean less accessibility to this CD, but the search is well worth it.

Yes, I’ve heard Disciple listed and referred to as nu-metal (eh), rapcore (undeserved) and even hardcore (don’t get me started). Nein. This is definitely top-quality groove flavored metal, something like if you took Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite For Destruction’, Skid Row’s ‘Slave To The Grind’, Bride’s ‘Snakes In The Playground’, and Prong’s ‘Cleansing’, stuck them in the blender and hit purée. In other words, if you loved the hard and heavy stuff from ‘This Might Sting A Little’ and ‘By God’, then you’ll definitely love ‘Back Again’.

The word is “passionate” from the opening track to the last. Kevin Young belts out vocals that rival Dale Thompson and Sebastian Bach, and puts to shame any of the cut-and-paste nu-metal screamers. The music is tight, heavy, and powerful, all the while managing not to sound tired throughout the disc. Lyrically, the boys haven’t rested on their laurels at all, as ‘Back Again’ is both a Bible study and worship album in one. Returning back to God, God’s faithfulness, responses to nonbelievers who blame God for bad things that happened to them, our Salvation through Christ Jesus…all these and more are touched on. It’s very rare that I find a band that transcends the whole “Christian Rock Star” image (didn’t they write a song about that? Hmmm…) and be genuinely honest in their songwriting and musician craft rather than rely on formulas. Disciple is one of those bands.