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End Times Productions

When Drottnar first crawled out into the scene, they were more of a straight-ahead black metal band. I’ve seen pictures; they had the complete black metal thing going on. Which, of course, made them cool. Around the release of Welterwerk, they took on more of a technical thrash style, which was a big departure to say the very least.

I did know there was a difference in styles on Welterwerk before I got around to buying this on eMusic; I heard a couple of the album’s songs on a sampler or two leading up to this purchase of mine, and I did like what I heard then. After taking in more than a few spins, I must say I enjoy the album. It has a technicality to it that would lend comparisons to Extol’s albums, especially Undecieved. It’s brutal, thrashy with touches of the death metal, growly and snarly vocals, and touches of industrial production on some of the songs. This album leaves me with a great tingly feeling, let me tell you.

Welterwerk is a great metal disc. It’ll definitely leave you floored, if you’re a fan of Extol and Believer. It gets a good share of spins, especially when delivering nummy sammiches at work.