scared kidTonight’s HALLOWEEN’ING topic was not one that I had planned. It was originally something completely different, as a matter of fact. Something that I thought about all day during my free time at work, and was looking forward to writing when I got home tonight.

But then, I had to make a stop at the Wal-Mart on my way home, to pick up some medication. While I was there, I was wandering through the super center for some food for my din-din that night, when I passed the Halloween Isles, where I stopped and watched this 7-year-old girl don a scary clown mask and wait behind her 5-year-old sister, for her to turn around and notice the mask. Which she did. The reaction was as you would have expected. It warmed my cold, dead heart to watch this, bringing my despondency level from a 7 to a solid 5. Then I remembered I was at a Wal-Mart in Fremont, and it shot up to an 8.

What is Halloween without a good scare? I’m talking about the scares that are in good fun: a scary yet cartoony mask, a loud “BOO!”, a good visceral and dark ambience. It’s one of the things I look forward to in the Halloween season.

Growing up, my sister and I had our share of scaring contests, where we would devise ways of trying to make the other jump, maybe scream a bit, maybe even cause one of us to have to change our shorts. In the rare occasion that I go see a horror movie in the theater, I tend to get more entertainment by listening to the others in the theater jump from the slightest boo-scare that I would otherwise see coming a mile away. And during Halloween night, if I can help elicit a little scream and a grin from a young trick-or-treater, then my night is fulfilled.

Happy scaring, my wonderful freaks.