HammerA long-standing tradition of mine every Halloween is to bring out the collection of Hammer films for re-watching. There’s just something about those particular titles under that film company that makes Halloween even more…Halloween-y? Is that even a word? It is now, at least for this particular blog post.

Everyone knows about Hammer horror films, even if they’ve never seen a Hammer horror film. In the 1950s and 60s, they took the classic Universal monsters and gave them a nice Gothic twist, giving the movies a bit more atmosphere than the classics. Not to say they were superior to the original Dracula and Frankenstein, mind you; Hammer Films took these and other movie icons and horror tropes at the time and gave them its own twist.

It’s a matter of personal taste, I realize; but for me, watching Christopher Lee as Dracula (with Peter Cushing as Van Helsing) wins out over Bela Lugosi’s classic iteration when given the choice. Point is, even when we’re not dealing with the usual monster classics, if it’s a horror flick and it’s got the Hammer stamp on it somewhere, I will watch it, no questions asked. Even the recent ones the revived studio has been putting out–The Woman In Black and Let Me In, to name a couple–are quite decent.

If you haven’t acquainted yourself with any Hammer films yet, do yourself a favor and start off with the afore-mentioned 1958 Dracula (Horror Of Dracula here in the states, for some reason), and then work your way from there. Grab your velvet cape like I do and have fun.