staying insideHere we are, the night before the Big Night, aka The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, aka HALLOWEEN. Soon, little boils and ghouls will dress up and hit the streets, searching for sugary confectioneries to sate their blood lust. And not-so-little ones will be dressing as…whatever (something silly, something “sexy”, whatever that is, I wouldn’t know), to go out and do this social gathering thing called a “party” to carouse and make merry, with masks and possibly Jell-o shooters. The night I get to do my very favorite thing. You know what that is? Have you read the title of this piece?

Yes, it seems rather anticlimactic, have this whole month-long build up, writing about my favorite things about this holiday, singing my praises of this festival of red and black and slimy-green, and not partake of the parties that go on at various places. And to your average person, I would agree that it would seem rather odd.

That’s the thing about this, though: I love the season, and dig getting into the spirit of Halloween. The actual day, though, I don’t like to be out and about too much. Keep in mind, I’m quite introverted, with my idea of a great party consisting of a couple of friends, a couple of bad movies, and rapier-sharp witty banter. If, on the rare instance where I’m invited to a big party, I do go to one, I’m always that guy that’s sitting in the corner, possibly in the shadows, watching people intently, maybe chatting a little with someone who has wandered into my orbit. Mostly, though, I have a time-honored tradition of fixing up a big bowl of movie-style popcorn, and popping on a Horror Movie Double-Header on the ol’ media player, and ring in the end of another Halloween season.

There’s also the added benefit of not having to put up with loud, drunken dude-bro’s.