Halloween-21A couple of hours left of the day, then. I started the day with wishing everyone on Facebook a Happy Halloween, then picked out a couple of bags of candy and three different coloured plastic pumpkin pails (alliteration!) for after work; got some massive props for my Cthuhlu mask at work (even freaked out a couple of people…one “unintentionally”), stopped by my sister+brother-in-law’s place to drop off my nephews’ annual Halloween Offering (keep the lil’ spooks placated until next year, when the sacrifice of sugar and kitsch begins anew), and now I write this, the final piece of the month-long exorcise in pointless blogging (homonymic pun intentional). Hope you weren’t completely bored. Will I do this again next year? Please. I have no idea what I’ll be doing an hour from now.

Actually, yes I do: I believe I shall pop in Night Of The Demons 3 on the media player, and close out Halloween 2014 the same way I do most every year…alone, in the dark, and in my boxers.

Cheers, everyone. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!