Movie Review: SPIDERSNu-Image

“This is creepy…like a bad science fiction movie.”

I felt it best to give a shout-out to one of the gosh-darn cheesiest movies to hit the 21st Century. Yes, Spiders has it all- an inane plot that centers around a government conspiracy to manifest, um, big spiders (for no apparent reason), a female lead character that starts off whiny but then suddenly (for no apparent reason) turns into a tough-as-nails Sarah Connor / Ripley clone in the last ten minutes of the film, cheesy dialogue, and one of the funniest Giant Spider Rampage Through Downtown Los Angeles scenes I’ve ever seen in my life. The whole thing’s a monster move for a monster movie’s sake, and doesn’t really take itself seriously (just keep rewinding that giant spider rampage), which makes it fun. And for some reason, it never occurred to the film makers that there’s really only one spider in the film. Why the plural title? Ah, who cares…