Movie Review: SHREK 2DreamWorks SKG

“Oh, Shrek. Don’t worry. Things just seem bad because it’s dark and rainy and Fiona’s father hired a sleazy hitman to whack you.”

Otherwise known as The Most Expensive Disappointment I Had This Week. Yeesh. I was getting reports that this sequel was actually better than the first one. I’m saying it’s not. Why, you may (or may not) ask yourself? Simple. This one, the romance quotient was waaaaaaaaaay too high for my liking. Call me old-fashioned, but any romantic story is guaranteed to give me gas. And pancreatic shock. And a strong urge to kill. You get the idea.

Mind you, the movie did have its high points: the not-so-subtle jabs at Disney’s expense, a believable evil Fairy Godmother, more than a handful of funny, and quite a few laugh-out-loud gags. The Puss In Boots character was the greatest. Not to mention the animation quality was top-notch. However…it was that damn romantic edge that ruined the entire thing for me. More sugar-coated sappiness than a maple tree in Candyland. And, the plot just seemed to draaaaaaaaaaag on at too many places.

That’s my two cents. Wait for the rental.