93 – 96

It may surprise some people reading this, but before they were an emo band, even before they were metalcore and released their debut disc on Solid State Records, Embodyment used to be a death metal band. That’s right. Suck on that for a while, my metalcore crybabies…

93-96 is a collection of demos the band released independently, before they were signed to Solid State. What’s collected is straight-up death metal, extreme death metal, with just a bit left to be desired in the production department. Which, really, isn’t that bad, and seeing as how I already knew it was a bunch of older demos, there’s not much of a complaint there. Should you find this release? Depends. What version of Embodyment do you enjoy? This is more for the fans of early Mortification, Disencumbrance, Oblation and death metal in general, than metalcore or even emo-core. Kill me for actually writing that last one…