FEAST ETERNAL - Prisons Of Flesh
Prisons Of Flesh
Independent / Open Grave Records
1999 / 2007

Prisons Of Flesh is one of those albums that I really, really wanted to get into. I mean, Feast Eternal plays a very tasty brand of old-school death metal, brutal and heavy and virtually dripping with molten METAL, with lyrics that would make any Christian death metal fan tingly. Trouble is, the production on this keeps Prisons Of Flesh from being the absolutely awesome death metal platter it was striving to be.

In 2007, Open Grave Records re-released this CD with two bonus tracks, “Serpents Proclaim” and “Rage Of Angels”, stating that the songs on the original album were remastered for this re-release. Thing is, I can’t really discern any type of remastering done on the copy I bought. The sound quality is still rather low, and compared with the two bonus tracks the difference is very noticeable. Pity, as all this album really needed was a good tweaking in that department to really achieve the full potential as a death metal classic.