With Fire
Open Grave Records

Feast Eternal’s second album was a pleasant surprise, as I wasn’t really expecting another album of material to be released from this death metal band. It’s been a while since they released Prisons Of Flesh, and up until I heard there was new material being readied for release through Open Grave Records, I just figured Feast Eternal was lying dormant. Glad I was wrong, there.

I admit, it took me a while to buy With Fire, as I could still remember the low production on Prisons Of Flesh really hindering my enjoyment of the death metal contained therein. But, once I bought it and popped it in my player, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome, here. The production is, yes, very much an improvement this time around. Still a bit raw, but definate steps up here. The music is still old school death metal, which always puts a big creepy grin on my face. Brutal, mid-paced grinding with a bit of melody peppered in, and straight-forward and refreshingly Christian lyrics, old-school variety…is there anything the old-school Christian death metal head wouldn’t like? Well, um…really can’t think of anything besides what I’ve mentioned before. Purchase With Fire and partake of the metal goodness…