ETERNAL DECISION - Eternal Decision
Eternal Decision
Cling Recordings / Godfather Records

Eternal Decision’s self-titled debut came out at a time when metal wasn’t exactly the popular thing to be listening to in Christian circles. Which is fine, as metal has always been an underground thing. But, with me being in Nebraska, and the internet being five years away from me being able to utilize its awesomeness proficiently, I still had to rely on local record shops that had the guts to stock the primo Christian metal. Which is to say, the pickin’s were slim. There was one place that specialized in stocking my musical poison of choice. And this debut from Oklahoma’s Eternal Decision was a welcome fix in a time when the Christian bookstores were increasingly devoid of good metal.

Upon first listen to this disc, my first impression at the time was “Metallica”. Which was understandable, I think, because of the vocals — kind of a strained imitation of James Hetfield. And after frequent listens (and I have listened to this frequently, let me tell you), the vocals are probably the weakest aspect to the music. They’re not terrible, mind you; they just sound, for lack of a better word, unnatural. If you can look past the irony of that statement, you understand what I’m getting at.

This is far from a Metallica clone, however. The music is thick n’ chunky thrash and speed, with a bit of heavy groove, which makes for a very tasty metal amalgam. Even when they slow things down, the songs remain heavy without getting into the dreaded “ballad” territory. Lyrically, fans of the old school in-yer-face Christian metal lyrics shall be pleased, as the songs on Eternal Decision leave no doubt whatsoever Who they’re playing for.

Bottom line: Eternal Decision’s debut is a very decent first effort, bringing us metal in a time when metal in any form was a four letter word. There were two releases of this, the first on Cling Recordings, then re-released on the band’s own Godfather Records. Worth checking out…