ETERNAL EMPEROR - In The Beginning
In The Beginning

Eternal Emperor is a blackened thrash / death metal band from Germany, making them the first ever non-Australian band to be featured on the Soundmass label. Good for them.

For a debut release, In The Beginning isn’t bad. It’s six songs (five, if you discount the intro) of extreme metal that’s a mix of thrash and melodic death, with elements of blackened metal and doom. It’s very solid musicianship, and I particularly enjoyed the first couple of songs on the disc. From what I understand, the drums were programmed, but seriously I didn’t notice it. They didn’t sound computerized at all, and lent a very tight rhythm to the songs. While there are some noticeable weak spots, the overall quality of this CD is very good, and will appeal to fans of Antestor, Vaakendring and Vardoger. A nice introduction to a band that, hopefully, will only get more brutal and epic as time goes on…