Movie Review: SIMPSONS MOVIE20th Century Fox

“He’s not Spider-Pig anymore, he’s Harry Plopper.”

The town of Springfield, USA has been deemed a toxic biohazard due to the misappropriation of hog waste of one Homer J. Simpson. Now sealed off from the rest of humanity, the town turns on the Simpsons. Managing to escape to the Great White North of Alaska, Homer is ready to put that past behind him…only Marge and his children want to go back and save the community from being wiped off the map by a power-mad government official. Here’s hoping Homer has a change of heart before time runs out on the citizens of Springfield…

It’s been eleven years since The Simpsons borrowed its way into the the living rooms of television viewers everywhere. Talk of a big-screen adaptation of America’s longest-running beloved animated family began years ago, usually with creator Matt Groening reassuring all of us that, when the series ends on television, then we’ll get to see The Simpsons on the big screen.

Um, yeah. Obviously there was a bit of a change of heart. Probably because the series never seemed to die. And I’m sure to some, the series itself may have “ended” several seasons ago, for whatever reason. Point is, I’ve seen other animated shows get their big screen treatment with far less years under their belt. It was time for The Simpsons to join the ranks.

I went into the movie, expecting mostly an episode of The Simpsons, stretched to about 90 minutes or so, with a bit more “oomph” to it…something special for the treatment. And with that, I wasn’t disappointed. The storyline was true to the show’s form, with sight gags and the snappy dialogue I’ve grown to love about the show. Mind you, there were some parts that seemed to drag a bit, and the CGI animation mixed in was a little too obvious, but that’s really a minor quip. Overall, I was well satisfied with this foray into cinematic wackiness. Mmmmm…wackiness… *drool, smack smack*