ETHEREAL SCOURGE - Judgment & Restoration
Judgement & Restoration
Rowe Productions

After a demo that was featured on the Raising The Dead comp on Rowe Productions, Australian death metal band Ethereal Scourge released one album of brutal yet beautiful melodic death metal…then disappeared. Pity, as this CD is a near-perfect balance of majestic and brutal metal combined with some of the more personal praise-educing lyrics that I have had the pleasure of subjecting my ears to. The music is…well, just putting it in the general “death metal” category would be doing it a great disservice. It’s brutal, with kind of a doom flavoring. The vocals are growly, but understandable, kind of more the heavy thrash vocals variety. Very nice. Lyrically, it’s full-on praise to the Lord Jesus, with very personal and heart-felt prose. Take the first cut off of the CD, “Through The Waters”:

“To dwell in the light of the Ancient of days
In bliss to see the glory of His awesome face
Drink the benediction, divine endless grace
Emmanuel enthroned, by His side take your place.”

Then, there’s my personal favorite cut from the CD, “Refuge”:

“My life I lay it down and bow before Your throne
My life I give to You, by sacred blood I am Your son
You’re the fire that heats my veins, the power in my soul
By Christ the serpent’s bane, You are all the life I know
Be warm my heart of stone, glowing by your hearth of grace
As my life is not my own, my darkened past you laid to waste”

It’s a pity that I haven’t heard anything more from this band. According to Scott Water’s review on his No Life Til Metal site, word is that they were dropped from Rowe Productions for not fulfilling their touring obligations, but were still together. If so, I’d like to know if they’re still recording and releasing independently. That would be cool. Otherwise, if you see this CD floating around, snatch it up.