EVERYDAY LIFE - American Standard
American Standard
Alarma Records

It’s a shame, that Every Day Life (aka EDL) didn’t gain the same kind of popularity Payable On Death (aka P. O. D.) managed to finagle, both in the Christian and mainstream markets. Not that I’m surprised, really. The claims of Rage Against The Machine rip-off were abundant, sure. But reading a past article where vocalist Tedd Cookerly mentioned that they were unaware of Rage at the time the band was put together, and were operating as such before Rage Against The Machine got big, so I’ve pretty much cut ’em some slack in that department. Besides, even if they did start off to blatantly rip off this style of rapcore, Every Day Life doesn’t suck at it.

The band’s second album, American Standard, continues with the caustic rapcore sound from their first album. Only here the sound is much bigger, harder, and definitely angrier. Tight, heavy, with a very decent production makes the music on American Standard snarl beautifully.

Lyrically, Every Day Life continue with their stark social commentary unabated. They have a talent for cutting directly to the crux of things, no sugar coating or gloss, which is something I can definitely get behind; for that I applaud the band. Drug abuse, date rape, alcoholism, social injustice, the downward spiral of the Christian culture…not your usual rainbows-sunshine-and butterflies type stuff. Which, sadly, is what kept them from the greatness I feel they should have gotten.

American Standard is a great album. Angry, controversial, unsafe…it flies in the face of everything American Christianity is, and for that I applaud loudly.