FIRE THRONE - Days Of Darkness...And Blackness
Days Of Darkness…And Blackness
Nokternal Hemizphear

Well, now. Here is some much needed old-school Holy Unblack metal for all of us extreme metal fiends out there. This re-issue on the NH label collects Fire Throne’s original 9-track CD-R release, plus tracks from the four-song demo and four never-before-released tracks, giving us a hefty 17-track CD of unrelenting apocalyptic and raw harshness. The production on the first 9 tracks are a bit better than on some of the demo cuts following, but that really shouldn’t matter much to fans of the black metal. What matters is that the music is gut-wrenching, raw, and extreme from beginning to end. Fans of Horde, Poems Of Shadows, and oldschool Mayhem will do well to pick this sucker up, as this is a limited-edition digipack. Snatch this up, and support the unblack war agains Satan, my wonderful freaks…