Movie Review: SIN CITYDimension

Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novels (emphasis on the word “graphic”) of the same name, we’re taken on a journey through the bleak depths of a morally challenged societal underbelly of Basin City, following characters who seek love, justice, redemption, and revenge.

This, my lovely freaks, is perhaps the best thing to come out of Hollywood this year. Star Wars geeks be damned. Sin City is, and I don’t think I’m over-exaggerating one bit, a ground-breaking and brilliant film. It takes the term “comic book adaptation” and gives it a whole new definition. It literally feels like a Frank Miller comic come to life. But even if you’re not into the whole “comic book movie” thing, this sucker holds up for the simple fact that it’s also one of those rare films that dares to think outside the box, doesn’t adhere to some stale movie recipe, and has plenty of grit and attitude. Then again, what exactly was I expecting from Robert Rodriguez?

Visually, Sin City is completely stunning. It translates Frank Miller’s unique b&w + strategically applied color style beautifully, bringing the bleak and the grit oozing out of every minute. Balanced within is a very meaty script that utilizes three storylines, all with characters that are very unique and well-defined, and doesn’t shy away from the heavy and hideous themes. One minute you’re laughing, then crying, then utterly horrified. It’s this take-no-prisoners, PG-13 rating be damned attitude that sets this movie apart from what’s been thrust at the public lately.

And the characters…holy crap. This movie boast perhaps the largest ensemble cast I’ve seen since Ocean’s Eleven, but no talent is wasted on the characters. Easily, Marv was my hands-down favorite, as the anti-hero’s anti-hero, the borderline-psychotic street tough with a heart of gold. Really. Bruce Willis is at his best here, as the only honest cop in Sin City, refusing to go down until the wrong things are set right. The cast of vigilante street hookers from Old Town kicked serious patootie. And the villains? Holy crap! …Elijah Wood is perhaps at his creepiest as an oddball cannibalistic serial killer boy. Then there’s that son of the Senator, the yellow-skinned freak of science with a taste for pedophilia. Yeesh.

And while they’re played over-the-top, Sin City is an excessively violent film, with decapitations, severed limbs, fisticuffs, biting, scratching…and guys, there are several scenes where you’ll definitely be crossing your legs in reaction. And for those looking for a happy ending…look elsewhere.

While the story does tend to drag at times (more due to the fact that, after experiencing Marv’s storyline, everything else seemed a bit less fun), the entire 2 hours ended too soon. I left very satisfied with the outcome. Given to lesser directors, Sin City would have sucked big time. Fortunately, it doesn’t. I urge…nay, demand that you see this movie. Now.

Why are you still reading this? GO! UNCLE NECRO COMMANDS YOU!!!!