EVERY DAY LIFE - Every Day Life
Every Day Life

After releasing a more modern rock flavored album on the great conceptual misfire that was KMG Records, California rapcore veterans Every Day Life broke free of the label and went back to doing what they do best…ripping off Rage Against The Machine. Which, considering they’ve been doing this for about as long as the better-known (and overrated) P. O. D., isn’t necessarily a bad thing, depending on where your musical sensibilities lie.

Actually, Every Day Life is one of the few nu metal CDs I listen to on a regular basis, along with the first two from EDL. The reason is simple- EDL isn’t a bandwagon jumper that popped up out of nowhere after P. O. D. made it big. They’ve been doing this for a while, and the sound is impressive enough for me to notice. It’s brutal, it’s gutsy, and it’s genuine. Honestly, all of you who’re into Pillar, P. O. D., and all the other Christian rapcore artists, you owe it to yourself to check out this CD. You mindless poser…