EXTOL - Mesmerized
Endtime Productions / Solid State

In 1999, hot on the heels of their acclaimed debut Burial, Extol released Mesmerized, an EP of new material and remixes to tide the fans over until the release of Undeceived the following year. I managed to snag a gatefold copy on the Endtime Productions label at Cornerstone that year at the band’s merch table.

There are three original songs and three industrial remixes contained on Mesmerized. The first song, “Enthralled”, is the track that appeared on the Japanese release of Burial. The next two, “Prodigal Son” and “Storms Of Disillusion”, are previously unreleased tracks from the band. All three are quality Extol music, blistering and technical metal. The last three songs, the remixes of “Burial”, “Renhetens Elv” and “Work Of Art” are orthodox industrial remixes by Sanctum and Raison D’Etre. Which means any semblance to the originals from Burial are practically nonexistent. And, depending on whether you like this style of music or not, these last cuts may be considered merely pointless filler for the EP. For me, they didn’t seem to fit, even though I do tend to listen to ortho-industrial at times. Otherwise, nice little collector’s item…