EXTOL - Undeceived
Solid State

What amazes me about the band Extol is the fact that they defy genre pigeonholing. They craft together a sound that fuses together intense thrash like that of Believer, the jaw-dropping technical metal progression of Dream Theater, and the shear aggressive assault of pure extreme black and death metal, while penning lyrics that are equally poetic and spiritually refreshing. Their music is a monument of sorts to the fine art of creativity that sadly many Christian artists have forgotten in the last couple of centuries.

Undeceived, the band’s second full-length, is leaps and bounds beyond the black metal masterpiece that was their first release (Burial). The instrumentation is brilliant, crafting metal that is tight, aggressive, and honed to a fine edge. Clean vocals share the stage with the intensely aggressive black/death vocals, with various other forms of instrumentation deftly woven in to add an atmospheric depth to the music. Lyrically, the prose is as varied as the music; while firmly rooted in Scripture and Christian theology, the creative exposition is not sacrificed for an easier-to-digest banality. This is a very fulfilling listen from beginning to end. Extol is definitely one of the best metal bands around, both Christian and non-Christian. Extreme metal fans, enjoy…