Forevertree - Turning

Yet another in a long line of Christ-centric modern rock with a groove that only saw one release before being regulated to obscurity limbo. Forevertree blends a sound that’s similar to the heavier side of Alice In Chains (there are times where the vocalist sounds a bit like Lane Staley). Basically Alice In Chains lite, at times brooding, dark and heavy. Lyricialy, the music takes a pilgrim-in-the-shadowy-valley approach, crying out to God for the light of Christ in this dark world. As modern rock acts in the Christian genre goes, this is one of the better offerings I’ve heard, which, in retrospect, is probably why they haven’t gone on to undulated success that other undeserving acts have seen (Grammatrain comes to mind). If you find this, check this out. You won’t be disappointed…