you know you go to a christian college…the naked statues in your history book have shorts drawn in

…conversation stops mid-sentence for everyone to pray at dinner

…when professors take prayer requests before class starts

…people discuss and argue the Bible in their spare time

…your ID card gets scanned on the way into and/or out of chapel.

…students get together just to pray

…the school doesn’t recognize Halloween, but professors host a bonfire that night so you can dress up, have fun, and the professors know where you are

…”co-ed” dorms means one floor is all guys and another is all girls

…a “late night” usually includes board/card games, a trip to wal-mart, pizza, and at least three cameras

…when you have to have your Christmas Banquet dresses approved to make sure not to much skin is showing

…you start singing and quoting Veggie Tales and others join in

…you can’t study with other girls without discussing wedding plans

…people gossip in the name of Jesus, attempting to pass it off as “prayer requests”

…the targets of your jokes are other denominations.

…Ring by Spring. Enough said.

…you put other Christian colleges down–not because you are in rivalry with them, but you laugh at their dumb rules, and then realize…you have them too.

…ping pong, ultimate frisbee, and fooseball are the varsity sports

…people gasp in horror at the thought of seeing an R rated movie

…no one has illegally… or legally… drank

…someone says “THANK GOD!” and everyone says “Amen”

…”Open dorms” becomes the most scandalous day of the year

…rebellion means watching Braveheart with your door closed

…rumors/information about dating gets across campus faster than you can walk across it.

…the Bible counts as a credible source in Intro to Math

…you hold “stances” instead of dances because the founding rules of the 19th century still apply today

…you think your school’s squirrels can beat up other school’s squirrels