Frosthardr - Necrodisaster
Nordic Disaster

Okay. This came out of nowhere. I was handed this short, 8-minutes plus some, two-song CD by my former editor at Cornerstone 2002. All it had was a very illegible band logo with no track listing, no lyric sheet, and nothing to say what the title of the EP was. I had to do some digging on the internet. However, lo-and-behold, I have the info I needed to do a thorough review of this CD, beyond just describing the music in and of itself…

Basically, what we have here is pure and simple old-school black metal. Fast, furious guitars and drums, with no keyboards, and otherworldly shrieking vocals. The two songs, “Frostens Grimme Klor Om Vinternatten Holder” and “Unhuman Morbid Fantasy”, are nothing really that unique, that would really set the band apart from other Norwegian black metal bands, other than it’s a Christian band, to be sure. For the old school black metal purists, this may or may not be worth the $5 asking price from the band, as the production is horrible. I, however, got mine for free, and it’s a nice addition to my collection. From what I understand, they’ve just released a full-length CD, so I’ll have to check this out sometime…