Frost Like Ashes - Tophet

After a few setbacks (none the least being the folding of their last label due to the founder’s untimely death), Frost Like Ashes have returned finally with their first full-length CD of extreme brutality since they’ve graced my CD player with Pure As The Blood Covered Snow.

Opening with the ominous “I have seen the future…and you die!” proclamation, the CD launches into “A Terrible Visitation”, a heavy-as-snot onslaught of thrash and black metal that tests the speakers to their limit. From there it’s track after track of nonstop dark, atmospheric brutality, mixing blistering guitar shreds, lightning tight drumming, deep bass attacks, spine-shivering keyboards, and the scariest vocals I’ve ever heard. Ever. Lyrically, you can file this band under “Unashamed Of Their Faith”, as the songs speak against the darkness that is prevalent in this genre of metal without softening things up (check out “Desecrator” and you’ll see what I mean). Meaning, this is a band that many Christians may find hard to stomach, but for someone like me it’s like putting on a very well-worn trench coat.

Bottom line, if you don’t have this album, shame on you. Go to the band’s website, check out some clips and buy this CD, darn it. You can thank me later…