Galactic Cowboys - Feel The Rage
Feel The Rage
Metal Blade

A 7-song EP that the Cowboys released a year after Machine Fish hit the stores, because, according to an HM interview with the band, “EPs are cool.” Can’t argue with that logic. It starts off with the Machine Fish opener “Feel The Rage”, apparently the single from that album. After that is a song featured on this CD only- “Paradigm Shift”, a trippy mid-tempo song that only the Galactic Cowboys can pull off. Followed by two covers, KISS’ “I Want You” and The Wings’ “Junior’s Farm”, the later of which starts off with the patented Galactic Cowboys humor. Both are very good covers, retaining the original vibe while adding on their signature sound. Then it’s two live cuts from the band, “Idle Minds” and “9th Of June”, both very raw and heavy. Pity I never saw this band live when I had the chance. Actually, I did, but they canceled their appearance at Cornerstone 99 at the last minute. Ending the EP is a short clip from a scratchy old bluegrass record. Nice.

For the collectors, this is a nifty addition. With a small bunch of gems that you can’t get anywhere else, Feel The Rage is worth the investment.