Generation - Brutal Reality
Brutal Reality

From what I understand, Generation is really just cyberpunk band Under Midnight doing more agro-industrial material reminiscent of Ministry (get used to that tag…it’ll come up a lot), that doesn’t really fit in with the established Under Midnight parameters…

The CD starts off with “Alive”, an aggressive, guitar-driven piece that reminds me of Ministry’s Psalm 69 opener…sorry, it does…which is mostly a bunch of samples from various preachers, and a heavily distorted voice shouting “ALIVE!” in the background. Nice opener. The rest of the CD continues in like fashion- heavy guitars, rhythmic industrial, distorted vocals and various samplings. There are ten up-front tracks, four of which are short instrumentals, and a “hidden” track after several tracks of silence, aptly titled “Psalm 69” (hmmmmm…coincidence?), which is essentially someone reciting the entire Psalm 69. Lyrically, the songs on Brutal Reality are straightforwardly Christian, definitely uplifting and thought-provoking. While it tends to go by quickly, Brutal Reality is a certified agro-industrial classic that I would recommend for fans of mid-to-late 80s Ministry, Circle Of Dust and Chatterbox…