Globalwavesystem - Life Equals Death
Life Equals Death

Back in 1993, after Intense Records (the label known mostly for Christian metal) found the commercial viability of ebm rock band Mortal (i.e.- they made them money), they released a couple of industrial CDs on their label, probably thinking they can duplicate the success of the band that would go on to be Fold Zandura. globalWAVEsystem’s Life Equals Death was one of them, and nothing could have been further from being different from Mortal.

To be honest, I got this CD back in 1995, when my concept of anything “industrial” was narrowly focused on NIN and CoD. So, you can understand when I popped this CD in and wasn’t really taken with the music contained therein. Well, after a few years, and gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the industrial scenes, globalWAVEsystem has grown on me. This is a very dark, very impressive, and very original ebm industrial disc, and if I had to make a comparison (which I usually do), Skinny Puppy comes to mind. I’m sure someone reading this, someone more of an industrial elitist (Balaam’s Miracle, I’m looking in your direction here) will pooh-pooh my knee-jerk comparison, but whatever…

Anyhoo, Life Equals Death is a beautifully dark mix of dark EBM, electronic sampling, ambient with a little bit of club-friendly stuff thrown in. Lyrically, Life Equals Death is a perfect example of hope mired in the bleakness. It balances out very well. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran of the scene, or just now checking out Christian industrial, I feel it’s safe to say that globalWAVEsystem’s Life Equals Death is a must own…