Goredeath - Cast Into Darkness
Cast Into Darkness
Laceration Productions

I’d have to say, after listening to this CD of rather dark terror-influenced blackened grindcore, that with a little spit and polish these guys would be something of a force to reckon with in the underground Christian metal scene. The sound production is definitely indie, at times muddled. There are influences of black metal scattered here and there, a bit of Paramaecium doom influence, especially with the female vocals, and some samplings from horror movies that add a pinch of the ol’ shock metal quality to it. Other very discernible influences I can detect are ‘Post Momentary Affliction’-era Mortification, and some early Metanoia. Very heavy and brutal to say the very least. The standout tracks include “God Damned Lucifer”, “Pathetic Sin”, “Drowned In Vomit (Vomitorium)”, “Deception Of The Raven” and “Chant The Lullaby Of Death As The Fetus Is Disposed” (how can you not like that song title?). This is worth checking out….