Grace For The Fallen - Field Of Blood
Field Of Blood
Clenched Fist Records

The first thing I noticed when I popped this into my computer’s CD player is that the disc was 8 tracks long. Rip-off, thought I, and rightfully so- no one wants to pay over $16 dollars for a disc of less than 10 or 12 tracks. Then I saw that the time was a little under 45 minutes in length, so it’s not one of those over-in-half-an-hour discs we all love to hate. I’ve heard of this band previously before engaging the play mechanism on the system, from a friend of mine who’s a BIG hardcore freak (emphasis on “freak”), and since I’m not a big fan of the style (there’s a few in my collection, but not many) I wasn’t too ecstatic when I sat back to listen to the album.

I come off of the listening time impressed. This is more metalcore than straight-up hardcore, kind of like Zao’s ‘All Else Failed’ or Overcome’s post- Tooth & Nail releases. There’s a nice, heavy groove going throughout the 8 tracks (still can’t get over that), with the scream style vocals engaged. Nice n’ tight set, never getting too old or stagnate with the music (“To A Dying Friend” has a great riff nestled within).

I found the lyrics smart and well-written, introspective and gut-wrenching. Did these guys steal my personal journal or something? Check out this part of “Field Of Blood”: “I can no longer hang on / Now I reach out in desperation / Have I gone too far away / Can you still forgive…wretched man I am / I know your grace is endless in supply / But my actions have reversed the effect…in my life”. “To A Dying Friend” is equally heavy: “We had a bond…brothers of like precious faith / We let the one thing we hate tear us apart / The enemy…we despise / Has had the victory in our separation / I know we can win if we forgive and fight back…against the enemy!!”

Bottom line here is that I was surprised at how much I like this CD. Metalcore fans consume now.