Grave Forsaken - Destined For Ascension
Destined For Ascension
Rowe Productions

Popping this CD in my player and pressing *play*, if I didn’t already know better, I’d swear that this was Mortification under an assumed name. Seriously, there’s a very strong post-death metal Mortification vibe and sound going on here. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing really. The music is certainly thrash, with some elements of death, power and doom metal thrown in for variety, very well played. The vocals are handled by the whole group, adding to the flavor, from the grunt-shouted, growled and clear sun at various points. Personally, I don’t really go for the grunt-shouted vocals much on this release, as they sound more forced than a natural brutal style. Which is where the comparisons to the power metal era Mortification comes in — the guy sounds so much like Steve Rowe it’s uncanny. Mind you, the boys in Grave Forsaken are Mortification fans, so emulation is quite understandable. At least they’re not going for out-and-out clones of Mort.

Lyrically, the songs on Destined For Ascension are straightforward about the band’s faith in Christ Jesus. Nothing vague here. With the production giving the music a nice raw quality, Destined For Ascension hearkens back to the classic Christian metal era of the late 80s. Not a bad collection of metal, here…