graveyard bats - crush your lie
Crush Your Lie

What we got here is 13 tracks of raw deathrock / gothic punk from Michigan duo Graveyard Bats. Wow. Very dark, atmospheric, and frenzied death rock / punk. Not to mention short. Most of the songs clock in at a little over or under a minute, which means this demo is certainly less than 30 minutes in length. The vocals recall a very anguished-sounding Peter Murphy from Bauhaus, the guitars are your basic three-chord rock, and the drums are the minimalist bombastic variety. But that’s really the charm of Crush Your Lie. The songs, I must complain, are a bit too short, and most seem to end abruptly, leaving me hanging. Oh, sweet torture. I desire a full-length sometime. Which is a bit hard, because apparently they’ve ceased to be altogether. Bummer. Well, at least we have this for a reminder of what once was…