Gryp - Indecision
Metro One

Normally, when describing any Christian nu-metal band that pops up, the CCM industry have but two secular points of comparison: Korn and Limp Bizkit. Once in a while Rage Against The (coffee) Machine makes an appearance, but usually it’s those two bands that are used to compare Christian nu-metal. I like to think it’s because of a lack of imagination, but methinks they’ve never listened to either. Whatever.

With Gryp, though, the word “Korn” comes to mind easily, because this is perhaps the closest thing to a Christian Korn clone (say that three times fast) to hit the market. Think Korn only a little less bass-heavy, and you’ll get the idea. Not that I think it’s a bad thing (I actually enjoy Korn other than other nu-metal bands, if given the choice), it’s just different than the rapcore stuff that’s saturating the market.

The comparison to Korn is strong, something you can hear in songs “Heal Me Back”, “You Were There”, and “Enjoin”. The vocals are interesting, as they’re all over the place, going from creepy to growly to screaming to just annoying in a manic pace. The time signatures are dark, manic, and quite imaginative, as the lyrical prose is on the darker side of Christianity (check out “You Were There” to see what I mean). The cover is disturbing, only because clowns are scary. Period.

Indecision is really nothing fresh. It doesn’t reinvent the nu-metal wheel, but it does give it a good spin, unlike many rapcore bands in the other classification. Once again, I have to banter the word “Korn”…as in “For fans of…”