Movie Review: TERROR TOONSBrain Damage Films

“Animated to KILL!”

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, two sisters are about to experience the dark and sinister world of Terror Toons. Candy and Cindy’s parents have traveled out of town for the weekend leaving the two sisters home alone. Cindy receives a mysterious package in the mail with a free DVD cartoon sent to her by the Devil himself. Candy is having a house party with some friends while Cindy views the cartoon in her room. She unintentionally lets loose two homicidal cartoon characters, Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin. They are out of the cartoon dimension and into the world as we know it. The fiendish characters talk, torment and kill the party-goers in wild and kooky cartoon traditions. Cindy is the only one who has the power to stop the demented animations from continuing their insane murder spree. Can she save her friends? Can she save herself from the crazy mayhem?….or will everyone die?

Once again, I’m sitting at my computer, typing out this review of the movie Terror Toons, which I just got done watching – all excruciating 75-some-odd minutes of – wondering if I should in fact seek some kind of professional help with this disturbing trend I have in subjecting myself to such torture. I obviously suffer from masochistic tendencies, otherwise I wouldn’t make myself watch movies like this straight through to the end credits.

Terror Toons is yet another example of trash horror. Besides the requisite shot-on-video cam look, the sub-par acting, the cheaper-than-cheep effects (which includes some of the most horrendous usages of green screen I’ve seen this side of my college days in the student television studio), and the headache-educing plot itself might have sunk this schlock-fest down.

But, unlike most of those no-budget Z-grade horror that I’ve seen (and will see, I’m sure), Terror Tunes does have a demented fun feeling, once you get past all the obvious bad stuff. The soundtrack is like a rejected Danny Elfman piece. And while the first part of the movie just staaaaaaaaaaaalls along, once the two baddies pop into play, I did find myself chuckling a bit and even, *gasp!*, enjoying myself. The best part of the movie, believe it or not, was Satan’s cameo. Yep, the guy who played Mr. Red Shorts actually seemed like a legitimate actor (I looked up the guy on IMDB, but it seems this was his only acting credit to date), classically trained and everything.

In the end, Terror Toons is a cheep and bad movie. But, it kinda moves into so-bad-it’s-good campy fun territory. As long as you check your brain at the door, gather together a bunch of friends, and grab a bunch of nachos and beverages to help wash this down, Terror Toons would fit in nicely for a bad movie night.