Guardian - Buzz
Myrrh Records

After three albums of melodic hard rock and metal (and one of stripped down acoustic music), Guardian elicited the production stylings of one Steve Taylor, changed their sound and donned some flannel. What resulted was Buzz, effectively throwing the band’s collective hat into the modern rock / grunge craze that was permeating the Christian rock charts at the time.

On the one hand, the songwriting on Buzz is very strong, from the music to the lyrics to the great production on the album. Guitarist Tony Palacios proves himself very versatile with playing beyond just flashy hair metal riffs. The sound is a bit darker, with a more introspective and uplifting bent to the lyrics. Taylor really pushed the lyric writing and the quality shows well. Jamie Rowe’s vocals are outstanding as usual. The songs range from hard rock to mid-paced modern pop rock to ballads.

Call it personal preference, but I really don’t listen tot he disc all that much, mainly because of the modern rock sound. Not really into that, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. I give it points for the good sound they produced. Still, rather prefer Guardian’s earlier releases to this.