Guardian - Delicious Bite-Size Meat Pies
Delicious Bite-Size Meat Pies
G-Man Records

A collection of Guardian classics recorded live during a concert in Melbourne, Australia. Not to be confused with the official live CD put out by Word, Inc., Delicious Bite Size Meat Pies is kind of an “authorized bootleg” released by the band on their G-Man Records in limited quantities back in 1997. Or somewhere there abouts. The CD is long out of print and a collectable, but they also made the entire thing available for free downloading on before that site went under. Which is why I have it in my collection now…

For a live album, Delicious Bite Size Meat Pies sports some decent production, with little to no studio fixes. The band is pretty much in the raw, which is what I expect out of live recordings, capturing the live experience audio-wise. The songs played here are from the first two Jamie Rowe-led albums, Fire & Love and The Miracle Mile…in other words, this is classic metal Guardian captured live, and not the modern rock Guardian that would come after these two albums. Musically, Guardian proves that they’re as tight live as they are in the studio. Jamie’s vocals are just as powerful, hitting all the notes; however, I did notice that the use of BGV (back ground vocals) tapes were used for the harmonic parts. Still, at least they didn’t go the route of Ashley Simpson on Saturday Night Live…this is truly live with that one small exception. And I doubt anyone in the crowd there noticed. Anyhoo, a pretty good live disc, with a quirky title and album art. If you find this, snatch up this collectible…and then put it behind temperature-controlled glass…