Movie Review: TICKSRepublic Pictures

“When in doubt… squish!”

This is not only your typical giant insect movie, but it’s a giant insect movie that sports some impressive B-list talent. The premise is fairly typical: A couple of youth group leaders take some stereotypical “troubled youths” out camping in the middle of nowhere, to a place that happens to be a breeding ground for giant, mutated ticks (hence the title, in case you haven’t figured it out yet). The “breeding ground” in question is a dilapidated building where three burned-out demented “hippies”, lead by the ever-present Clint Howard, are growing steroid-enhanced marijuana. You guessed it- the toxic sludge mutates these blood-sucking arachnids to softball-size, and wackiness ensues. Add to this the usual cast of “troubled teens”: you got the kleptomaniac gang member (played by Alfonso Ribeiro, better known as the cousin to Will Smith’s on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Aire), the nerd kid (a then-unknown Seth Green), an introvert Asian girl, and a couple of horny kids. Viola! We’ve got a plot! The only problem is, during the ensuing mayhem caused by these giant but crappy special effect ticks, only one of the kids are offed. Wha? A forest fire manages to kill off all the ticks before any more of the teens are devoured…except for one that escapes on the bottom of the van at the end of the film, that is. So, the only saving grace is the possibility of all of them getting picked off by one by this lone survivor off screen. Anyhoo, I watched this and literally got physically sick soon afterwards. Lactose intolerant, be ye warned…