HAVEN - Age Of Darkness
Age Of Darkness
R. E. X.

This is Haven’s second album, a follow-up of which is, in my humble opinion, better than their debut. Still the delicious Queensryche/Dokken hybrid, but is that a nod to Dream Theater? The guitars on ‘Age Of Darkness’ seem to let loose and shred a bit more than on ‘Your Dying Day’. For instance, the first song, “Divination” (note: the first track is entitled “Tenacious Volition”, but is technically an instrumental introduction than an actual song), lets loose with some awe-inspiring guitars, not to mention the double-bass drumming that D-Lister raved about on the ‘Your Dying Day’ review is here in full force. The vocals are still very well-executed, very clear and defined, not to mention the time changes seem to switch seamlessly hither and yon (that’s about the second time I’ve used that phrase). To quote from This Is Spinal Tap, “This one goes up to eleven.” “When You Said Goodbye”, “Holly”, “The Witching Hour” (one of my personal favorites), “Unchanging Love”, and “Blood Of The Lamb” round out the heavier parts of the CD; “Tenacious Volition” and “Exaltation” are acoustic interludes of sorts, both instrumentals; “Spend My Life With You” would fall under the haphazard Power Ballad heading; “Once Upon A Time” is just hauntingly spooky, something worthy of a Saviour Machine, or later-day Deliverance album.

Another metal gem that shouldn’t be overlooked. Check it out.