HEAD - Save Me From Myself
Save Me From Myself

The story should be fairly well-known by now, within Christian circles at least: Brian “Head” Welch, guitarist and co-founder of the inexplicably popular nu-metal band Korn, breaks ties with the band that made him famous to rededicate his life to Christ Jesus. Media-fueled wackiness ensues, both from Christian and non-Christian sources. An autobiography is released, titled Save Me from Myself: How I Found God, Quit Korn, Kicked Drugs, and Lived to Tell My Story; a year later, his first solo album is released.

For all intents and purposes, think of Save Me From Myself as something of an unofficial soundtrack to the book. I make assumptions, because I haven’t had time to actually read the autobiography (or the “cleaned up” youth version, Washed By Blood). But, from the few listens I’ve given the CD thus far, judging by the passion and stark honesty by both the lyrics and the vocalist giving them utterance, I would say that would be a very apt description of the album itself.

For just a second here, I’d just like to point out that I’m not really what you’d call a fan of Korn’s music. I never owned an album, and the only stuff I’ve heard is what happened to be on either the radio at the time, or playing on MTV (whenever they actually got around to playing videos, that is). Not really my bag, musically. I say that because, in some of the reviews and comments left by peps on the ‘net, the phrase “Korn Lite” has been bandied about to describe the music on Save Me From Myself. Well…duh. Of course it’s gonna have hints of his former band. He helped co-found it, right? I mean, I started this review off mentioning that. It’s worth repeating. I will tell you this, though- Save Me From Myself is anything but “Lite”.

Yes, you could easily categorize the music under the well-worn “nu-metal” banner, mostly for lack of a better pigeon hole. The songs are very textured and layered, equally raw and emotional, haunting and brutal. The vocals go from gut-wrenching screams to haunting (there’s that word again) clear singing, but somehow it doesn’t seem forced or put-on. There’s a lot of raw emotion here, it almost seeps out of your speakers in a black mess. Lyrically, yeah, that’s where a lot of it comes from. There’s a reason why Save Me From Myself wasn’t titled The Brian “Head” Welch Gospel Experience. There’s some very heavy stuff here, and I applaud Mr. Welch for not trying to make an album that pleases other Christians, but listened to the voice of God. Very honest, from the gut…and lo and behold, more than a couple of times, I felt the Holy Spirit move while listening. Couple of times I felt convicted, and moved to repent. If that’s not a stirring endorsement, I don’t know what is…

I actually found myself enjoying this CD. Head has released something that managed to convey his faith without falling into that sticky “Christianized” trap. I highly recommend this album…and coming from someone who doesn’t generally like “nu-metal”, “alternative metal” or whatever, that should say something…