HOLY BLOOD - The Patriot
The Patriot
Bombworks Records

Ukranian band Holy Blood’s third release, The Patriot, is a full-on Folk Metal blast — death metal and black metal with a heavy dose of acoustic instruments, flutes, and tremendous atmospherics. The impression I get while listening to this is…well, metal to listen to while at a Fifteenth Century pup in the dead of winter. Yeah, I’m weird.

The lyrics, much like the previous releases, are sung in the band’s native language. And judging by an interview with Holy Blood in a past issue of the Heaven’s Metal ‘zine around the time of this album’s release, they really have no intention of doing otherwise. Don’t blame ’em, really. The lyrics, however, are printed in English, and they are quite inspirational and heavy. The production is good, which complements the multiple layers of the music. Really, The Patriot is a great album, and as someone who wasn’t really that into Folk Metal when I discovered this band a few years ago, Holy Blood went a long way to my appreciation of this genre of METAL. Recommended.