Movie Review: TRICK OR TREATCastle Home Video

“Shut up! Play my tape for me tonight or die!”

Poor little metal head Skip…er, I mean Eddie finds solace from the everyday torment of being a mulleted high school geek in the form of heavy METAAAAAAAAAAL!!! (You can’t see it, but I’m raising the two-fingered fist of METAAAAAAAAAAL!!! and banging my head) One day his Hessian Xanadu is rocked (no pun intended) when his spandex clad idol Sammi Curr dies in a hotel fire. While in mourning, a reclusive rock DJ gives Eddie a rare master pressing of the album Sammi Curr was set to release before his untimely passing. Soon, though, Eddie finds that this is no ordinary slab of vinyl- seems that Sammi somehow encoded his very soul within the grooves, and when played backwards…well, let’s just say ol’ Sammi’s comin’ back for an encore…of EEE-VIL! That scamp…

Alright, let me tell you, this movie is one heck of a low-budget heavy metal horror ride. I’ve seen copies of Trick Or Treat on DVDs sold at Wal-Mart for $5. Although the cover art is a bit of a misnomer- metal icons Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne are both pictured prominently, when they only have bit parts in the movie (the rock DJ and a televangelist, respectively). You would be remiss not to check this quaint cheeseball out.

As an old metal head who discovered music in the 80s, I felt the pain of reclusive Eddie, who spends most of his time in his room listening to music (the scene where Ed’s mom discovers his album collection and freaks out over the cover artwork is priceless). Obviously this movie capitalized on the national hubbub going on at the time involving the supposed evil effect heavy metal had on teens, and especially so-called backmasking. But instead of moralizing, Trick Or Treat neither condemns nor blindly accepts the issues; instead, it’s played as a fun horror excess. Weird things happen when a tape Eddie made of the record played backwards is used, Eddie gets revenge on his jock tormentors, and Sammi Curr materializes at a high school dance to spread his heavy metal evil by…prancing around the stage like a peacock. This is a fine watch some dark, stormy night. Order a pizza, invite some friends over and enjoy…