HOPE HAS FAILED US - Epitaphs And Eulogies
Epitaphs And Eulogies
Bombworks Records

Well, what do we have here, now? A metalcore band from Texas that has a thing for zombies? Color me interested, here…

Yes, Hope Has Failed Us hails from Texas (for some reason, every time I think of the Lone Star State, I always think of that scene from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure). Not that I’m prejudiced or anything, myself hailing from Nebraska (*cough cough*). The band plays a very nice hybrid of metalcore that leans to the death metal side of things. The thing that impresses me most is the use of zombies, both in the booklet artwork, and lyrically. Well, not in all of the songs. Geeze, let me try and clear that up a bit better…

Epitaphs & Eulogies seems to be a re-release of their independently released Prelude To Terror, with some of the songs rearranged in the final mix here. The songs are broken up into four “acts”, for lack of a better word (perhaps “vignettes”, I don’t know): Hora De Los Muertos (tracks 1-5), The Lovelorn Poet (tracks 6-8), Ultimate Betrayals (tracks 9-11), and Rest In Peace (track 12). The Hora De Los Muertos section is, of course, my favorite lyrically speaking. The metaphor of a zombie apocalypse for the loss of one’s faith is wonderful, methinks (“Their blood is on your lips / Deny yourself no more / You’ll become what you hated / A walking corpse). The Lovelorn Poet section contains the more intimate and personal (not to mention heartbreaking) lyrics. The Ultimate Betrayals section deals with, as you may have guessed, betrayals from greedy and selfish people. The Rest In Peace track contains perhaps the most personal lyrics going, bringing an end to the CD.

All in all, not a bad CD, pretty brutal metalcore. Worth checking out indeed…