INCRAVE - Dead End
Dead End
Ulterium Records

From Sweden comes this straight-up power metal band Incrave. Originally under the name of Evergrace, and releasing one CD under that moniker (The Escape), they changed their name, obviously, and released this CD of mid-tempo power metal that’s well crafted but also a bit under polished. The music is heavy, yet unlike a lot of power metal, it doesn’t cram a bunch of guitar solos down your throat. The guitar work is very understated, focusing more on some tasty hooks and rhythms, which I find appealing. The keyboards are also nicely understated, adding textures when needed. The vocals are suited to the music, not being the high-pitched variety that seems to be aped a lot. Very good collection of metal that will appeal to fans of Helloween, Nocturnal Rites and Dream Evil…