Demos I / Demos II
2001 / 2002

Illuminandi is a Polish metal band. What kind of metal, it’s hard to say. You see, they have a style that mixes the European power metal style with classical violin and cello instruments throughout, resulting in a hybrid that works very well. Visions of Believer’s Dimensions done with a more power metal stance come to play.

Demo I / Demo II, in case you haven’t realized, is a CD comprised of their first two demos. The first demo is four songs long- “…I O Tym Drugim…”, “Nie Lekaj Sie”, “Kielch” and “Alleluja”. Translated to English, the titles are “…And About The Other…”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, “The Cup”, and “Hallelujah”, respectively. While the sound quality is definitely demo-quality (meaning, kind of low, which is usually expected for independent DIY releases), the music comes through nicely. The band sure does a nice job, playing tightly and mixing the metal and classical styles evenly. The vocals are generally clean sung, with both male and female singers (“Alleluja” is entirely female vocals, which sound great). The lyrics are all in Polish, but after reading the English translations I can assure you that they are quite Biblically based. On Demo II, the band has improved a lot, with better sound quality and more melody in their songs. The vocals have improved as well, and the entire band couldn’t be tighter. Well, they could, but it’s not an issue here. They’s tight, y’all. There’s only three songs here, though- “Kto Mnie Wyzwoli…?”, “The Light” and “…Wiec My…”. “The Light” is the only English song here; the other two are translated “Who Will Save Me…?” and “…So We…”, respectively. “The Light” involves a choir, which is a great addition. “…Wiec My…” is absolutely heavy, with double bass drumming and grunts with the clean vocals adding a death metal flavor to the song.

I would highly recommend anyone who’s a collector of Christian metal (or just metal, period) to look into Illuminandi.