liar's paradise
Liar’s Paradise

From the mind that brought us Red Rum Trance and Graphic Verses came Liar’s Paradise in 1999. I met the guy behind theses and other experimental industrial noise offerings at Cornerstone ’99, who gave me a copy under the pretense that I’d review it and also buy a copy of Red Rum Trance from his website. Weeeeeeeeell, never really got around to ordering that disc. Sorry, man. Please don’t get violently angry, I was meaning to, it’s just…well, um…I was abducted by a mob of angry Grace College students shouting “I am FULL of Christ’s love, you moron!” while they dipped me in tar and stuck Chick Tracts to my body. Yeah, that’s it…

Anyway, as I wait for the lightning to strike, Liar’s Paradise’s theme is, well, liars. And the poor schlubs who get stabbed in the back by them. Without delving too much into the personal life of the guy, let’s just say this was inspired by just such a relationship. Some of the best stuff comes out of those, sad as it may be. The music, and for some that word may be a stretch, is a swirling and surreal mass of electronic noise with spoken word narration that cuts through the crap and presents everything in a sardonic manner that works wonders. Like, say, on the track “You Have The Right”, it starts off “You have the right to eat filth, you have the right to be a pig…this is your right, you have a choice.” Obviously not meant for mass consumption, but really great to throw on late at night for a spooky ambient background soundtrack…