black fridayHey, everybody. It’s Sunday evening, on the last day of November none-the-less, so it’s time for another helping of brain droppings and general ramblings from your Uncle NecRo, blogger extraordinaire and self-described \,,/METAL DEMIGOD\,,/. Note, I said “demigod”, and not the more blasphemous (and really egotistical) “god”, there. There is a difference, and I invite you to check for yourself what that difference is. But, not until after you’ve finished your blog post reading. And no fair trying to feed this to the dog. Because you can’t. I don’t even know why I brought that up.

complex carbohydratesSpeaking of \,,/METAL\,,/, one of the new time-wasters I’ve stumbled upon on Thanksgiving was the reviewer of one Happy Viking’s Frothy Pint Of Metal. This is a fellow \,,/METALHEAD\,,/, reviewing more obscure but awesome bands—and sometimes movies and television—in a rather entertaining way. Since my OCD dictates that I must watch all of whatever I come across and find amusing, I was able to get through all six pages of his episodes in a day or so, mainly due to each being brief enough to get to the meat of the matter and not linger too long. I would urge any \,,/METALHEAD\,,/ to check it out as well. And yes, I am very much obligated to use the \,,/METAL HORNS\,,/ emoticon and all caps whenever I make reference to the music of awesome.

And also, speaking of anything scarier than a mosh-pit at a Slayer concert, did anyone participate in the yearly blood ceremony known as Black Friday? I never do, personally. I’ve been on the retail end of Black Fridays before, enough to not only sour me on the whole concept of Black Friday sales like this, but like I mentioned in last week’s A’La Carte, humanity is at its true lowest at this point of the year. Regardless, on Thursday (that would have been Thanksgiving), since I had nothing else to do due to my family already having the year’s turkey day gatherings out of the way, I decided to go into town (the one that’s 20 minutes away and has more than just the one gas station) to put gas in the Aluminum Falcon, and then stop by the WalMart to pick up a salad for din-din and replenish my dwindling Mountain Dew stash. That was at 4:30-ish. When I got to Wally World, there were already lots of people camping out inside of the WalMart for some kind of Black Friday kick-off sale that started that night at 6pm. I’m not even going to attempt a logical explanation about that. ‘Twas rather hard trying to maneuver my cart to get my paltry items, with a horde of sale hounds clogging up the isles, staring at that forbidden palate of Buy-One-Get-One Wrangler Jeans and DVD overstock that they can’t touch until the big hand was on the 12 and the little hand was on the 6. Boy, did I need the comfortable seclusion of my crypt. I was down there, completely dark save for the one blood-red candle lit, chanting, “Less than a month, then the evil will be over”.

Did I mention I hate this time of year? I think so, last week. Bears repeating. As many times as possible.

eek black fridayFrom both the Great Band Name and Great \,,/METAL\,,/ Instrument departments: Aztec Death Whistle!

And this one, I don’t think I even need to say much more about, other than reproducing the title of the news piece: WINNIE THE POO BANNED FROM POLISH PLAYGROUND FOR BEING “INAPPROPRIATE HERMAPHRODITE” (and also not wearing pants).

One of the big headline-worthy news stories (at least for the “Trending” column on my Facebook page) was that Snooki—the Hobbit-sized “star” of some kind of reality show, I can’t remember the name of it at the moment—got married in a Great Gatsby-style wedding. And no, I’m not going to provide a link to the news piece, go Google it yourself if you’re curious. I’m not familiar with what I will assume is her Thespian-level of television work, outside of a two- or three-minute cameo on an episode of Supernatural last year that was very painful to watch, but I still bring this up because of the sheer irony of the situation. Not that I’m expecting much for literary understanding from someone whose name sounds like an item on the Applebee’s dessert menu. Then again, my reading list this year has consisted of a bunch of Star Wars and Doctor Who novels, so what do I know?

that's how science worksSpeaking of Star Wars (how’s that for a segue-way?), I’m going to assume you’ve watched the highly anticipated teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens set for 2015. Even if you haven’t, and you have no idea what this “star wars” is (in which case, I congratulate you on your reinsertion into regular society after being locked down in that bomb shelter since 1963), for the sake of this paragraph, I’m going to go ahead and assume (there’s that word again) you have. As predicted, the reactions and write-ups on the interwebs have exploded like a metaphor using something blowing up in a Star Wars movie. My favorite one has been the Angry Joe video. I’ve seen it a few times myself, now (the actual teaser trailer), and my impression of this is…well, it looks like a Star Wars movie. Yeah, I know that’s a lame non-committal statement, but let’s be honest, here—the last time I was really excited about any movie about to be released, Star Wars or not, they always seemed to be a let-down. Except for The Avengers. The Avengers was beyond awesome. So, I’m just going to say that, Disney set out to make a Star Wars movie, and it looks like they succeeded in making a Star Wars movie. As to the awesome-ness of this Star Wars movie, I’m going to have to wait until December of 2015 like everyone else to see if it is. Until then, we have another Avengers movie to get stoked for. See what I did there? It’s called a “call-back”, I’m told.

q&aSTUFF I’VE WRITTEN: Still working on the re-postings onto this one, and this week I manage to stick on my musings on journaling, and also a list of how to know if you’re a Goth or not. As far as movie reviews, there’s ones for the uber-awful Transformations, the awful-but-in-an-awesome-way Trick Or Treat, the just flat out awesome Trick R’ Treat, some ham-fisted socio-political slasher wackiness with The Tripper, one of the few non-nerd rage-y looks at Tron: Legacy, the remake of True Grit, and the direct-to-video animated movie Ultimate Avengers. Then, as far as music reviews go, I review a Holy Blood album here, a couple of Holy Solider albums here and here, something by House Of Wires here, a couple of Horde albums here and here, something by Hope Has Failed Us here, Industry Eleven’s album here, Incrave here, Impending Doom here, Illuminanti here, and Independent Opposition here.

Free Hugs CaveThat’s all for this week. Next week I get a three-day weekend, on account I took a day off to commemorate my day of birth. I’m not going to say what day this week it is. Just know that the \,,/METAL DEMIGOD\,,/ demands a sacrifice of cake to appease his awesomeness. I leave you all now with the only birthday song I will allow in my earholes. God bless, my wonderful freaks.