Movie Review: WICKEDSCapital Film Studios

“What would Bruce Campbell do?”

A bunch of disposable and mindless twenty-something teenagers head out to an abandoned house that’s supposedly a set for a grade-b horror movie (how ironic) to, as it were, party. Meanwhile, a couple of nearby grave robbers, robbing graves under the cover of…daylight, awakens a vampire (who’s apparently wearing SPF-500 sunblock, as he doesn’t go “poof” in the clear, sunny day) and a bunch of zombies crawl out of their graves as a result. As they crash the “party” at the abandoned house, they all find themselves surrounded by the undead…and stuff…unintentional hilarity ensues…

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the latest in the “It’s So Bad, It’s Good” horror category. Oh, the pleasure I had watching this, hopped up on Mountain Dew and tortilla chips n’ cheese dip. It’s a grade-b movie that doesn’t pretend to be nothing more than that- a cheesy cinematic romp with zombies, vampires, ghosts and ghouls in cheap makeup, bad dialogue, even cheaper props (found at your local department store every Halloween), and Ron Jeremy. Yep, that Ron Jeremy. Don’t worry, though, he keeps his clothes on the entire time. In fact, due to a preview on the DVD, apparently he’s traded in his porn days for a more grade-Z Horror Movie career as of late. There’s a bit of gratuitous near-nudity, but beyond that little bit of exploitation, Wickeds is really just an excuse to run around spilling fake blood. Think of this as a great Ed Wood-esque revival of sorts. For fans who like their horror with high dosages of mindless cheese, Wickeds really is a fun romp. Get together with friends and enjoy…