Sinbreed - Shadows

AMF Records

The second full-length from the German power metal outfit Sinbreed, released four years after the debut album. Why the wait? I guess it takes time to perfect the album, because Shadows is…okay, the only word that comes to mind here is “epic”. I realize that the debut I referred to as good but not life-changing (not verbatim, but the general idea), and stylistically they haven’t ventured far from the blistering European Power Metal style. But for some reason, Shadows just feels…bigger than the previous record. Beefier. Dare I say, powerful. Is it the production? The musicianship? The tightness of the execution? A combination of everything and then some?

Regardless of the reason, when I initially first popped this into my car stereo to give it a listen, it was in the middle of morning rush, on my way to work, and within the first few seconds of album opener “Bleed”, I was probably scaring my fellow motorists stuck on the Dodge Street overpass with my METAL posturings and war face, as this album went from track to track, unrelenting in its continued pummelling of my senses. As I mentioned in the previous Sinbreed album review, I’m not that big of a Power Metal listener, but wow did Shadows insert itself into my frequent play list. Highly recommended, this one is.