Sinbreed - When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide
Ulterium Records

Sinbreed is a German power metal band that was formed by former members of Seventh Avenue and Blind Guardian, both very prominent power metal bands themselves. According to the information I could glean from the interwebs, they were originally using the name Neoshine, until some legal snafus involving some American company that’s not even a METAL band, and thus unworthy to mention from here on out. Quite frankly, that probably worked in their favor, as–let’s face it–Sinbreed is far more METAL than Neoshine. Neoshine sounds more like a cleaning product. But I digress.

When Worlds Collide, their debut full-length album, demonstrates that, while power metal isn’t the first style I’d pick when I need my METAL fix, it’s by no means a slacker in the METAL department. Matter of fact, it did exactly what METAL is supposed to do: made me stand up straight, stick my chest out, lift my head up high, square my shoulders, and made me feel like I could take on a creature of myth and legend with but my bare hands. Okay, maybe a broadsword. It definitely made me have to monitor my speed while driving as I listened to it.

Galloping guitar riffs, giving way to some blistering solos, the heaviness sometimes teetering over the edge of speed metal at times, with very tight rhythms and very powerful and majestic baritone clean style singing; while the music doesn’t stand out from its genre peers, it’s at least high-quality, with some great production and fantastic instrumentation that keeps things from sounding exactly alike from song-to-song. There are keyboards, but overall they could have gone without and it wouldn’t have changed the quality–and no, that isn’t a complaint, they just didn’t seem very prominent, and had no one told me, I wouldn’t have noticed.

Regardless, When Worlds Collide is a good listen from beginning to end, and something I would recommend for you Euro-Power Metal fans looking to expand their listening material.